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Community Engagement

Implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies to advance health is the hallmark of our community engagement expertise. We are the nation’s leading consulting firm applying these principles to medical research, clinical trials, and recruitment by focusing on reaching, engaging, and motivating individuals from communities that have been historically underrepresented in research. Our expert ability to build networks of key influencers that represent ethnic and demographic diversity enables us to sustain impactful engagement.

Our team builds long-lasting relationships throughout the country based upon trust, transparency, and bi-directional communication, and we have partnered with a variety of clients to help them develop, implement, and measure the effectiveness of high impact community engagement strategies designed to bring urgency to their priorities and move decisionmakers to action. Our community engagement approach is grounded in best practices and fueled by the knowledge that impactful engagement requires meeting people where they are - not only where they live, work and play, but also where they are in their personal journey from awareness to action.

The image above is courtesy of Union Settlement Association-Youth Services

A set of three murals were produced by the youth community of East Harlem's Washington Houses through the Union Settlement Hub Program. Thrive Collective was hired to oversee the project. Youth worked in the Cherry Tree Park near where Lamar lost his life to gun violence in July 2020. The Hub was funded by The Manhattan DAs Office. The complete mural shows Lamar as a child and as a teenager, and Lamar’s father, who also lost his life to gun violence (images pictured on this website).

Thought Leaders

Grisel Marie Robles-Schrader

Senior Director of Engagement

Monica Rodriguez Bueno

Senior Director of Engagement

Ronnie Tepp


Interested in working with us? To learn more about our Community Engagement work and to see what Pyxis Partners can do for you, please contact Ronnie Tepp at

Ronnie Tepp, MPP


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