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FDA Clinical Trial Diversity Action Plans

Pyxis Partners has unique expertise in authentic work around equity, diversity, and inclusion in the healthcare and clinical trial universe with deep roots into diverse communities in the U.S. Fueled by our deep understanding of the challenges faced by communities under-represented in healthcare, and our collective passion for lifting the patient voice, Pyxis Partners develops and advances creative solutions to define pathways to progress that are anchored in a commitment to improving the lives of individuals and communities.

In March 2024, Pyxis Partners formally announced that we were uniting with Rx4good to guide biopharmaceutical companies in taking steps to engage diverse communities in medical research and fulfill the requirements of diversity action plans. As part of the collaboration, Pyxis Partners offers the following services to biopharmaceutical companies:

Listening and learning from representative patients and communities to:

  • identify and understand the human dimensions of a disease experience, the physical and psycho-social impact, demographic and geographic barriers to care, personal hurdles and unmet needs

  • understand the needs of the community on a local and regional level and their trust hurdles with industry and the health system

Engaging representative communities to demonstrate long term commitment:

  • co-developing strategies with clients and communities for building trust relating to medical innovation

  • co-creating clinical protocols that address community and company needs for progressing research

  • co-creating clinical trial communications that address community perspectives in educating about trials

Interested in working with us? To learn more about our clinical trial diversity work and to see what Pyxis Partners can do for you, please contact Monica Rodriguez at

Monica Rodriguez, MS

Senior Director

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