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Grisel Marie Robles-Schrader, PhD, MPA

Senior Director

Grisel Marie has nearly 20 years’ experience fostering and engaging community- academic partnerships in health research and public health education. Her expertise centers in strategies that support culturally and linguistically responsive approaches in health research and public health practice. Her work experiences are focused on HIV/AIDS, adolescent reproductive justice, community mobilization, structural interventions, translational research and health disparities, with a special emphasis on Latinx communities and urban areas.

As the Senior Director, Engagement Grisel Marie manages the network of funded community and healthcare provider partners for the National Institute of Health’s All of Us Research Program. She also works alongside Pyxis leadership to grow the company’s client base and conduct client quality improvement efforts.

Prior to this role, Grisel Marie was the Director of Community Engagement and Partnerships in the Program in Public Health at the Institute for Public Health and Medicine at Northwestern University and was a lecturer in the Department of Preventive Medicine. She provided strategic direction and management for the competency-based public health practicum program in the Master of Public Health Program. Designing an infrastructure that adopted a student-centered and community-centered approach in public health education, the design focused on assessing, engaging, and revising program offerings for students and community partners based on student, community faculty and staff feedback. As an instructor for the program, she organized experiential- learning opportunities for students and community partners to meet in community settings and engaged students in critical pedagogy promoting engagement topics in applied public health practice such as asset-based community development. Grisel Marie also worked with the Center for Community Health (CCH) within Northwestern University’s Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (NUCATS). Grisel Marie provided community engagement consultation support to research teams working on a diverse portfolio of health topics. As the director of the Stakeholder- Academic Research Panel (ShARPs) Program, her team organized dialogues between research teams and community subject matter experts aimed at improving all phases of research and fostering new community-academic partnerships. As an evaluator for the CCH, she led the development of a comprehensive evaluation infrastructure for CCH’s community engagement programs and services.

Grisel Marie holds a Master’s in Public Administration from DePaul University. She is an affiliate faculty member of the Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment (CREA) of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Born and raised in Chicago and Puerto Rico, Grisel is bicultural and bilingual (English/Spanish). She loves hiking, reading, and completing DIY projects at home.

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