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Hermela Assefa

Senior Associate

Hermela Assefa is a dedicated public health professional driven by a passion for solving problems, uplifting communities, and promoting equity. Born in Ethiopia and raised in the Washington, D.C. metro area, Hermela earned her bachelor's degree in public health with a concentration in sociology from Franklin and Marshall College in 2022.

Before joining Pyxis Partners, Hermela served as a maternity care specialist for the Mommy&Me research study at Children’s National Hospital. This initiative focuses on addressing the disparities in Black maternal mental health among low-income Black women in Washington, D.C. In this role, Hermela actively tackled social determinants of health and fostered collaborations with community partners to enhance access to healthcare and social support services. Her commitment to serving underserved populations is also evident from her extensive experience in empowering immigrant communities.

Currently, Hermela volunteers as the Director of Operations at Habesha Health, a virtual health platform dedicated to mitigating health disparities within the Ethiopian and Eritrean diaspora. Additionally, she has contributed as a peer health educator during her undergraduate years and served as a community health intern with the CDC Lewis Scholars program. 

Hermela's empathetic and collaborative approach enhances her ability to engage effectively with diverse populations. She is deeply passionate about utilizing community-centric and innovative strategies to advance health equity. Residing in Northern Va., where she grew up, Hermela enjoys traveling, cherishing moments with her loved ones, and creating lasting memories.

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