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Kali Lindsey

Senior Director

Kali Lindsey has spent more than two decades in leadership positions working on government relations, public policy, community engagement, and resource development strategies that advance health equity and social justice for ethnic, gender, racial, and sexual minority networks, and organizations in various sociopolitical contexts.

Kali’s public policy career was motivated by a desire to remove administrative and regulatory restrictions that exacerbated health disparities and kept health equity out of reach, particularly for racial, sexual, and gender minorities in his home city of Detroit. Kali’s government relations leadership has spanned constituent and chronic disease advocacy, trade, and scientific research organizations and has been recognized in service on several local and federal policy advisory committees and boards of directors.

In addition to his work at Pyxis Partners, Kali is serving his second appointment as an advisor to the Centers for Disease Control and Health Resources Services Administration Committee on HIV, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis. He also recently served as an advisor on Atlanta Mayor Dickens’ LGBT Advisory Committee, where he co-chaired the Health Subcommittee with esteemed colleagues in academia and community-based services.

Kali previously held roles with the Elton John AIDS Foundation and ViiV Healthcare where he developed giving strategies to support diverse communities, sectors, and geographies with a clear focus on strengthening partnership between communities, governments, and industries to improve public health and social impact coordination and collaboration.

Kali graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2001 and anticipates completion of his executive master’s in business administration from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. He resides in Washington, DC with his dog, Coco.

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