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National Institutes of Health All of Us Research Program – Louisiana Campaign

Community Engagement

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As an engagement awardee to the NIH All of Us Research program, Pyxis Partners was tasked with working with the program’s Division of Engagement and Outreach to launch a regional campaign in Louisiana to drive enrollment and retention in the program. Over the past three years, we worked in partnership with the program to engage the community, spread and deepen awareness of the program, build trust, and engage trusted voices.

Working side by side with our client, the NIH Division of Engagement and Outreach we engaged with more than 100 community members – to listen. We returned to present ideas, plans, and imagery based on what we heard and learned and asked for feedback through interactive sessions; then engaged even more with key community leaders and influencers to address questions and build trust.

The team’s efforts resulted in 14 local organizations across three cities being invited to join a national network of organizations working as program partners and supported by our team to bring program awareness to their communities. These organizations include health care provider organizations, social service organizations, community colleges, faith leaders, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). We developed and delivered program trainings for these partners, assisted them in developing activities and utilizing tools to capture activity and impact metrics, and supported them in responding to community questions and concerns. The partners conducted more than 200 activities that reached more than 20,000 community members, one local enrollment site added two of these trusted community voices to its Community Advisory Board, and community partners participated in local photo shoots and provided feedback about content to create community relevant imagery and content for marketing materials for the program. Over three years, the program enrolled more than 2,600 participants.

Interested in working with us? To learn more about our Community Engagement work and to see what Pyxis Partners can do for you, please contact Ronnie Tepp at

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