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National Institutes of Health All of Us Research Program – Research Scholar Program

Community Engagement

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The NIH’s All of Us Research Program is building the largest and most diverse biomedical data resource of its kind and offers registered researchers access to data and tools to improve the understanding of health and disease, identify opportunities to reduce disparities, and enable more precise approaches to care. In our role as a national engagement awardee to the program, we focus on facilitating equity in access to data and ensuring that the All of Us researcher community is as diverse as its patients.

In partnership with the All of Us Division of Engagement and Outreach, our team developed and scaled programming to engage diverse researchers across the career pipeline and create opportunities for them to access and use All of Us data. The approach is rooted in a mentor-mentee model and includes professional development workshops and a complementary curriculum to support 50 scholars and 25 mentors.

To find and recruit mentors and students to participate in the program, we initially built and leveraged partnerships with community organizations and institutions committed to serving underrepresented students in higher education such as Hispanic Serving Institutions and Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

The All of Us Research Scholar Program offers student researchers, known as research scholars, the opportunity to work with mentors on a research project that uses the All of Us Data Browser or Researcher Workbench. The program champions scholars from underrepresented communities and connects them with a network of peers and mentors to support diversity in the biomedical workforce and strengthen the STEM talent pool; an outcome that will have implications beyond the All of Us Research Program.

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