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Personalized Medicine Coalition

Community Engagement

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For the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC) we conceptualized, built, managed, and engaged a Health Equity Task Force comprised of 25 diversity, equity and inclusion thought leaders with a spectrum of expertise and perspectives to unpack barriers that lead to racial, ethnic, demographic, and socioeconomic inequalities in personalized medicine research. Pyxis Partners completed one-on-one interviews with each thought leader to garner their perspectives and recommendations for advancing health equity in personalized medicine research. A landscape analysis of current best practices for advancing health equity in personalized medicine was also conducted by our team. Based on our interviews with thought leaders and our landscape analysis, in partnership with the Health Equity Task Force and PMC, Pyxis Partners will deliver a final report in Spring 2023 offering community driven, actionable recommendations to contribute to the overall body of knowledge of engaging underrepresented communities in research to advance personalized medicine.

Interested in working with us? To learn more about our Community Engagement work and to see what Pyxis Partners can do for you, please contact Ronnie Tepp at

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