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Karen S. Levin named Chief Operating Officer at Pyxis Partners

Washington, DC (March 17, 2023) - Pyxis Partners, the leading public affairs and social impact firm that advances health equity, access and affordability with a unique expertise in authentic work that focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion, today named Karen S. Levin Chief Operating Officer. Levin also currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Pyxis Partners.

"I am honored and proud to appoint Karen Levin the Chief Operating Officer of Pyxis Partners,” said Michael Manganiello, President and CEO of Pyxis Partners. “When Karen joined the firm as Chief Financial Officer I knew that she possessed a brilliant financial mind. What became quickly apparent is that Karen's values as a human being were a perfect match for the vision that I and my staff at Pyxis Partners have for how a firm can do well as a business but even more importantly how a company can do some good in this world,” he continued.

Levin graduated from American University and built her career in Washington, DC. For more than 25 years, she has served in one or both of these roles in the professional services industry, and as a VP of Finance at the largest public relations firm in the world. In this combined role at Pyxis Partners, she will manage the firm's entire operations - financial, legal and human resources.

““I am thrilled to be on the Pyxis Partners team and serve in this dual role,” said Levin.” I am passionate about organizational development, and being sure companies run soundly and safely.”

“As the daughter of a doctor, and living in a rural area, I have first hand knowledge of the disparities in health care, accessing health care, and how important that is to all Americans,” she continued. “I look forward to supporting the growth and evolution of the firm, contributing to its success, and working with clients who share our passion and commitment to equitable, affordable, accessible health care for all Americans.”

“Karen's role as COO is to make my vision for Pyxis Partners a reality and she has done it magnificently,” said Manganiello. “She is respected by our team, our clients and our extended family of partners and consultants and it is a blessing to have her as an integral part of Pyxis Partners.”

***** Pyxis Partners is a Washington, DC based public affairs and social impact firm that advances health equity, access and affordability with a unique expertise in authentic work around equity, diversity and inclusion in the healthcare and clinical trial universe. The firm is defined by developing creative solutions that create pathways to progress which are anchored in a commitment to improving the lives of others and building up communities. Pyxis Partners is fueled by a collective passion for lifting the voice of those who have been underrepresented. The firm is a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise with the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) and Certified by the Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) as a District of Columbia Certified Business Enterprise.


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