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  • Michael Manganiello

Check it out: Pyxis Partners has a new look!

If you have visited this website recently, you’ve noticed it has a new look and feel. And while we are excited about the changes we have made, it is important to note that Pyxis Partners and our moral, ethical and work compass has not veered from true north. Now you can more easily “see” who we are - our team, our work, our capabilities, our mission, our vision, our values, and our perspectives. We are proud to showcase what makes us unique, authentic and impactful.

Engagement is a word we use a lot at Pyxis Partners. It’s what we do, it’s how we affect change, it’s how we make a difference, and it's where we demonstrate our passion for the work we do. Engagement is the driver of our new website as well. Just one click and you will experience through images, writing, and video who we are, what we stand for, how we work, and how we create pathways to progress.

And be sure to explore several notable updates to our site. There is now a comprehensive section about Our Work, with each case demonstrating the challenge we identified, the barriers we overcame, and the change we achieved. Our clients tell you why Pyxis is the firm that they have chosen because we get “it” done for them. We feature thought leader video interviews with our firms’ experts in health policy and government relations, community engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion, and advocacy. And we share our voice on timely, important issues in the many facets of the health ecosystem in a new News & Perspectives section. There will always be new additions to the site so be sure to check back often!

To sum it up, we are #PyxisProud to share our new website with you - our friends, clients, partners, and community. We encourage you to browse the site, dive deeper into understanding what makes us tick and how we leverage that for good, and maybe even learn something new about us. Oh, and be sure to check out Our Team because it all really begins with the people at Pyxis Partners who make this all possible.

Michael Manganiello

President and CEO


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