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  • Jessica Bonilla, Yuri Velasquez

Reflections on Hispanic Heritage Month

As first-generation immigrants from Nicaragua and Honduras, we have embraced our journeys in a country full of opportunities with dedication, perseverance and hard work. Today, we celebrate our cultures with Pyxis Partners, a firm aligned with our passion to help improve the lives of families, communities and the country at large.

Hispanic Heritage Month is observed nationally from September 15 to October 15 by celebrating the traditions and contributions of people with Spanish, Mexican, Caribbean, and Central and South American ancestry. September 15 is also significant because it is the independence of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras. At Pyxis Partners we celebrate today and every day the contributions, culture and passion of our Hispanic colleagues and their community and honor them through our continued commitment to creating pathways to progress.

We join our colleagues at Pyxis Partners who are fueled by a deep and intimate understanding of the challenges faced by communities marginalized in healthcare and their collective passion for advocating for improved health outcomes. At Pyxis Partners, we envision a future where future generations will have equal opportunities as the ones who will follow. And so, by reflecting on our journeys, cultures, and opportunities with the work we do every day, we embrace every achievement we attain "con gusto y seguiremos con nuestro compromiso de crear caminos hacia el progreso.”


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